Having just finished reading David Goggins’ best-selling book “Can’t Hurt Me”, I feel compelled to share some insights from the point of view of a performance coach who has spent literally thousands of hours coaching humans to perform to their highest potential.
I salute David Goggins for his rise from a brutal upbringing.
I salute David Goggins for setting some incredible goals and smashing them.
I applaud David Goggins for writing this book and inspiring millions of people to reach their potential.
I just think he could have done it a bit easier – on himself, on his body and on his relationships.
David Goggins, in my opinion, is a classic high achieving human – but not a high performing human.
What’s the difference between a High Achiever and a High Performer?
High achievers tend to set extraordinary goals and achieve them at any cost. They ignore their body, their relationships, their pain thresholds and even their mental health to get the job done!
They tend to burn out, become exhausted and get injured – not just in their physical body; in all areas of their life.
Side note: I should know, I am a recovering High Achiever.
While High Performers set extraordinary goals, they go about achieving them in a different way due to a different mindset.
The top 3 differences are:
1. They seek, plan and attain high performance across their entire life – physical and emotional health, career, relationships, family and finances. This helps them to achieve more.
2. They learn to master their biology. This biology includes their emotions, their stress response, their pain response and their relaxation response. They learn how to use their incredible biology for their performance purposes – rather than ignore. Over time they know how to use their biology to fuel them.
3. They develop a custom High Performing tool kit which they can bring in whenever life throws them a curve ball as they attempt their goals.
“Only you can master your mind, which is what it takes to live a bold life filled with accomplishments most people consider beyond their capability.”
David and I agree on this point.
His path is to ‘push past pain’ and be ready to ‘go to war with yourself’. I say, this is just one path!
I have many clients who have trodden a different path and come up trumps too!
Which path have you been using? Is it working for you? Are you a High Achiever? Or does a High Performer sound a path you are willing to explore? If so, let’s talk.
I am Bella Reynolds and I transform hurting High Achievers into happy, healthy and wealthy High Performers from the inside out.