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Our live events are your opportunity to connect with and learn from our expert mentors and presenters. Learn real strategies on how to create wealth and achieve your financial goals in today’s market.

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Cashflow Masterclass

Jono Frankle, Kyron Gosse, Therese Groness & Paul Southey

Saturday 10th December 12pm NZT / 10AM AEST

Learn real Strategies to create passive income, using property as a vehicle to achieve financial freedom. Learn how to leverage your time, cash and equity in order to maximise your return on investment and get to your financial goals faster.

Streamed Virtually

Crypto Week

Jono Frankle plus Guest Speakers

Monday 24th January 08pm NZT / 06PM AEST - Friday 28th January 08pm NZT / 06PM

Five crypto lessons spread over five days as we celebrate all things crypto. From crypto newbies to those already holding their favourite coins, we will investigate multiple different wealth creation strategies for this exciting new asset.

“Life changing is an understatement! I cannot recommend the financial education you get through Wealth Mentors enough.”

Bobby & April
Coaches & Property Investors

“FANTASTIC programme – cannot express how grateful we are for the opportunities this has opened us up to!”

Tim Williamson
Property Investor

“Absolutely loved the programme. A dream come true – thank you to all involved.”

Property Investor & Business Woman

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