About Us

Your personal wealth creation mentors

At Wealth mentor we work to make wealth accessible to all by working with the smartest wealth creation minds in the business. We do this by unpacking their strategies and knowledge to make them easily accessible and understandable to everyone.

About Wealth Mentor

Wealth Mentor is Australasia’s leading financial literacy educator. At Wealth Mentor, our wealth creation experts teach real strategies that work in all asset classes and all market cycles to assist you in building wealth and creating financial freedom.

We believe that we have the opportunity to help every-day people attain wealth that will transform their lives, giving them the freedom to stop working and spend more time with their family and do more of what they love.

Your mentors in creating long lasting wealth

We have trained thousands of people on how to build wealth and create financial freedom. We partner with the best investors, business people and entrepreneurs to teach the wealth creation strategies of the rich, in order to give you the tools and strategies to build long lasting intergenerational wealth.

  • Become financially literate

    Knowledge is wealth. Learn from our expert mentors to gain the insights and transform your thinking to build more wealth in less time.

  • The most current strategies

    Learn the strategies and assets that are working in today’s market with today’s market conditions.

  • Personalised Trainings

    Work directly with a mentor who will guide you through the strategies that will assist you in achieving your personal and financial goals.

Personalised Wealth Creation Strategies

We work with expert mentors to teach real strategies that work across all asset classes and personal growth. We provide our students with the tools and​ mindset to create more wealth and achieve their financial goals. ​

The education we provide increase peoples financial literacy and in turn changes peoples lives and the creation of intergenerational wealth.

  • Group Coaching

    Join a community of like-minded wealth creators on one of our group coaching programmes and create financial freedom together under the guidance of our expert mentors.

  • One-on-one mentorships

    Our bespoke Mentoring is the best in the business and is tailor made to our clients own personal circumstances. Work directly one on one with a Wealth Mentor who will guide you through the strategies that will assist you in achieving your personal financial goals.

Success Stories

Our success depends on your success. Learn what is possible and be inspired by Wealth Mentor students and what they have achieved.

“Life-changing is an understatement! I cannot recommend the financial education you get through Wealth Mentors enough.”

Bobby & April
Coaches & Property Investors

“FANTASTIC programme – cannot express how grateful we are for the opportunities this has opened us up to!”

Tim Williamson
Property Investor

“Absolutely loved the programme. A dream come true – thank you to all involved.”

Property Investor & Businesswoman