Many people think far too small.
It isn’t our fault, it is simply the way we were trained.You think about it, your entire life you have been told what you can and can’t do by someone else.
From your parents, to your teachers, to your employer and then your professional advisors, life is all about living within a construct created by someone else.
Even our mortgage brokers tell us how much we can borrow from the bank given our capital and our serviceability.
However, if you look at some of the greatest wealth creators in the world…
The biggest entrepreneurs on the planet
Not one of them created their business or their wealth by staying within the confines of someone elses predetermined rules.
Not one of them let someone else tell them what they could or couldn’t do.
Thirty five years ago, Richard Branson was stuck on a tarmac trying to leave Puerto Rico for the British Virgin Islands. His flight was grounded, and he’d been away from his girlfriend for three weeks. Needless to say, he was over it.

Branson walked to the back of the plane and asked for a chalkboard and a writing implement. He figured out how much it would cost to charter a plane to BVI — and how much it would cost each passenger if the expense were pooled. And then he went for it, walking up and down the aisles of the grounded airplane selling tickets. On the chalkboard he wrote, “$39 one way to BVI.”

And that was Virgin Atlantic’s first flight.

For most people this wasn’t the obvious solution to the problem, most people would have complained, gone back to the bar or their hotel and caught the next available flight. But Branson thought differently.
More importantly he asked a different question.
Whilst most people were asking when the next scheduled flight was going to be, Richard Branson asked how can I get home as quickly as possible and when he realised he didn’t have the resources to charter a plane by himself, by using other people’s resources he could achieve his goal whilst helping them out as well.
This is out of the box thinking that allows you to come up with better solutions to your problems. He focussed on
Take for example working with a mortgage broker
If you ask a mortgage broker what you are able to purchase, then they will look through all your financials and make a recommendation giving you certain pricing and building style, possibly even location.
However if you were to ask a different question
eg. How can I amass a $10m property portfolio, then your broker will outline the exact requirements of different lenders and how you might achieve this. It is then up to you to go and acquire the necessary  resources (not your own) in order to achieve this goal.
The takeaway I want you to leave this post with is that success comes from thinking differently.
When you are working on tackling a problem, stop asking what you can do with the resources you already have, and ask what resources you require to achieve your goals and your dreams and then work out the plan on how and where you can get those resources.
Or as I like to say
“Don’t tell me what you can’t do, tell me what you can do”