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Wealth Mentor is Australasia’s leading wealth education provider, and has been providing these services since 2005. At Wealth Mentor, we teach real strategies that work in property, business, shares and in yourself.

Our Mentors

With a wealth of knowledge in a diverse range of wealth creation and investment strategies, our team of experienced mentors are your avenue to financial freedom. Click on a mentor below to learn more about them, their strategies and access their educational materials.

Dinesh Satija

Dinesh has worked as a Development Engineer and Project Manager at Watercare for eight years. He has effectively managed multi-million dollar projects in Auckland as well as being an astute investor himself.

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Jono Frankle

Jono, the managing director of Wealth Mentor, loves the responsibility that comes with changing people's lives. As a proud product of the Wealth Mentor education program he is now honoured to call the Wealth Mentor team his co-workers and friends.

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Kyron Gosse

As an adventurer and traveler, Kyron believes that people shouldn’t feel trapped in a job they hate just to maintain a livelihood. Therefore, his mission is to help people create freedom and live life on their own terms.

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Belinda Beatty

Travelling the world, flying aircraft as an Airforce Flying Instructor, Belinda discovered property and dove straight into the deep end, building a multi-million dollar portfolio with a six figure passive income in only a few short years.

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Paul Southey

Paul Southey born is an award winning builder and investor. His career has seen him build over 700 homes, together with his very talented wife Jeanette, they have become a power couple in business and property.

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Jeanette Southey

With over 20 years of experience in property investing, developments and business, you could say Jeanette has learnt a thing or two when it comes to property. With her interior designing background, she has renovated many houses and created Award-winning homes.

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Helen Yu

A chartered accountant by trade, Helen has built an impressive international buy and hold portfolio with properties across New Zealand and UK. Helen’s portfolio consists of single tenancies, boarding houses, complex developments and subdivisions.

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Ryan Hewitt

Having run his physiotherapy clinic for 15 years, Ryan was ultimately able to exit his business and focus on property full time. Ryan classifies himself as a ‘classic wealth creator’ who purchases appreciating assets below value, adds further value to it, and then holds it long term.

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Justin Putze

Having served in the New Zealand Army for 29 years, Justin went on to build an impressive property portfolio in only a few short years. Justin's financial freedom has enabled him and his partner Carolyneto stop work and be full time parents to their beautiful daughter Evie.

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Therese Grønnæss

Therese’s curiosity for adventure and new experiences made her take the leap into property investment. Together with her partner Luke, they have embraced the property investment journey to transform old houses into beautiful, warm and healthy homes.

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Carol Manukau

Carol Manukau is the Founder of POP Housing Project, which specialises in trouble shooting, solution focussed, co-created plans with individuals and groups to progress their housing and other goals, then actively supports it’s success.

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Bella Reynolds

Bella uses the latest habit change neuroscience to help people change their thinking and take control of their choices allowing them to automatically go for what they really want out of life.

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Therese Bisquera

Therese is a buy and hold investor with a focus on increasing value by renovation or development. In 2021, she became a board member of Auckland Property Investors Association.

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