In his 2007 book “The 4 Hour Work Week” Tim Ferris describes how the ‘New Rich’ are not those with millions of dollars in the bank, but those who have the time freedom to do what they want, when they want, where ever they want.
In fact it is this thought structure that has allowed hundreds of thousands of people to quit work and live the lifestyle of their dreams, travelling multiple different countries, eating out at restaurants daily, having their own personal trainers, live in staff, villas with swimming pools without having to sacrifice their time working for the man.
The New Rich have a different priority. They don’t focus on building wealth whatever the cost (family and health being the main sacrifices) they focus first on lifestyle and finding the easiest way to fund that lifestyle, be it business, coaching, investments, remote work or a mix of all of the above.
In fact the New Rich often don’t own their own homes, as they see the home as a ball and chain, with an asset that is constantly requiring maintenance, a mortgage that needs to be repaid and something that keeps dragging you back to your home country. Instead the New Rich own very little material items and focus instead on experiences, health and living life to its fullest.
The irony is that thanks to the pandemic, it has never been easier for anyone to live this lifestyle too. With everyone having been forced to work from home, by simply rethinking where your home is you could keep your current job, live the laptop lifestyle from a tropical location and reinvest your savings into high return assets that will replace your income quicker.
This is another area where the New Rich are excelling. Thanks to the rise of the blockchain, we now have access to a global plethora of high return investments, which are highly liquid and require very little time to manage. There are literally teenagers receiving 100% returns on their capital, meaning they don’t have to work a traditional job and can live where ever, however they want.
Or simply turn your passions into a lifestyle business that works on your terms around your schedule. This means you can monetise your passions, claim tax on your hobbies and spend your time doing the things you love most. In fact, to the New Rich, work should not feel like hard work at all.

So if you were to stop and rethink your life, what are some immediate changes you can make to the way you make money, in order to live your dream lifestyle right now?