In the beginning, when clients say they want to have financial freedom, they are really saying ‘I am prepared to DO whatever it takes to be financially free’;  ‘I am prepared to DO all the work, to then HAVE the freedom’.

While this is an admirable intention, the real path to financial freedom is less about the DO and more about the BEing – who you are prepared to BECOME, what new identity do you need to assume to get what you want in life.

A simple story to illustrate:

My money identity used to be that “I was the sort of person who” was seeking the most income per hour I could get, to earn my highest income to then use this to leverage with conventional banks for loans.  I believed that when I had my largest income then I would BE the sort of person a bank would see value in to lend to.

My money identity now is “I am the sort of person who” is always growing in knowledge in all areas of leveraging; is putting aside time each and every day to assess investment opportunities irrespective of how much I am earning per hour; and “I am the sort of person who” knows that if I find the right deal, the money will be found to make the deal happen.

These vastly different money identities have led to very different DOing and in the process vastly different HAVE’s.

Everything you have believed about yourself to this date – your current identity and anything you say after the words “I am the sort of person who ………..” – have led to all your actions and your results in life.

So, by simply just starting to DO different things and expecting to HAVE different results is like being in the back seat of the car, rather than the driver’s seat.  It is always your identity which has its hands firmly on the steering wheel.

How do you know what your current money identity is?

The clues are in

  1. Your results in life – do you have the financial results you want?  Do you feel like you are well on your way to achieve them?
  2. Your actions you take or don’t take every day
  3. Your language.  How do you describe yourself to other people?  What do you hear come from your mouth?

“I am a …… great saver.”

“I am….useless at saving.”

“I am ….hopeless with money.”

“I …. never have enough money.”

Start to listen to how you talk about money and you will start to get clues about your current money identity and beliefs.

How to change your money beliefs and identity?

Sit down and write out all the things you hear yourself say about money, wealth and finances.  “I am the sort of person who ….” “I am ……”

Now, on another piece of paper, write down all the things that a person with financial freedom would say.

Now start to say them – out loud, in the mirror, in the car. Start to see what different actions you start to feel like doing.  And see what other beliefs you start to notice about yourself.

Your beliefs are simply the thoughts you have thought about yourself over and over until they have become your truth – and a habit. If your current beliefs about yourself don’t lead you to your path for financial freedom, you can change them.  Any habit can be broken when you know how.

I have helped literally hundreds of people to create brilliant habits in their life that now help them to have what they want in life.  My habit mindset has made me a wealthier, healthier and happier human.

My mission to is to create a tribe of habit masters around the globe by bringing the habit loop to life.

Have a go and let me know what you learn.