Hey guys! Today, I will give you my top four tips on how I’ve been able to find more time – to create wealth and be with people that I love.
You may be wondering, why should you listen to me? What do I KNOW about it? Here’s why:
I am

  • A mother to two beautiful kids
  • Employed full time in a managerial role
  • A student doing two different qualifications (Communications and Adult Teaching)
  • A property investor
  • A project manager of our house subdivision process
  • A volunteer mental health first aider, church reader, and one of the youngest board members in the largest property investors association in New Zealand

Talk about multi-tasking right? So my friends have asked me,
Therese, how do you find the time to do all that and still invest in property/subdivide? I work and have kids, I can barely do those, let alone do some more!!!??! What can I do to save me some? I’d say, we need to manufacture it!”
Here are my five tips how to manufacture more time:

Number 1 – Delegate

Yes, I am one of the lucky ones who has a supportive spouse (who I might add is also working full time) who is willing and able to share the load. He looks after the kids (feed, shower, sleep) when I have a paper due or a board member meeting.
If you don’t have a significant other, fear not! There’s always someone willing and able to support. All you have to do is ask.
Dale Carnegie in his book “How to Win Friends and Influence Other People” suggested that to woo/win others over on your request, make sure you state your reason. For example, when I ask my parents to help care for the kids, I just tell them it’s because my husband and I have a property investing seminar. The more specific, the better.

Number 2 – Wake up earlier (or Sleep later)

I know! Pressing that snooze button is super tempting. In fact, I struggled with this very thing myself; but then I kept reading or hearing about how successful people all have that common denominator- they wake up earlier!
It’s important to note that you need to work on what suits you best. I used to work better late at night.  That’s just how I rolled! However, I tried the morning one and I loved it because before that, I felt stink when my kids wake up at the same time as me and then I’ve not done anything to get me ready for the day.
Now, I get to choose – to exercise, listen to praise and worship song, or motivational/affirmations – do any of my self-care

Number 3 – Use shortcuts

Online grocery shopping? Food box meal delivery service? Mentorship from experienced people? Tick, tick, tick
My husband and I decided that we’re busy enough that we did not want to go through trial and error, only for it to be more like a failure. We had a toddler then and a baby on the way plus both working full time and husband was studying part time (told you, we’re multi taskers right?). We wanted to do property right at the start to keep us accountable and motivated so we’ve invested on our education – used a shortcut through Wealth Mentor. That investment gave more than 5X return on investment – worth over $200k for one property’s increase in value!

Number 4 – Watch with intent

I must admit, despite all those things I’m doing, I still get to watch my favourite YouTubers, a Netflix or Disney+ movie with my family to enjoy and decompress. I also watch renovation programmes on Home and Garden TV or Selling Sunset/Parisian Agency (real estate selling). However, I’ve decided not to get hooked on to long series that takes a lot of my waking hours (I’m glad I’ve had those moments in my maternity leave where I finished the likes of Suits, Downton Abbey, Mad Men).
There you go! Those are my top 4 tips that help me manufacture more time in my day. They are not anything new but if it does help you parents out there who believes, it cannot be done, trust me, it can be. Thank you so much. Please like or comment below what is that one key takeaway you found useful from this that you can try out!
‘Til next time”