One of my favourites! This game show asks a series of questions that the contestant must answer correctly in order to incrementally move to the next level of money win. They have a minimum level to achieve before they can take advantage of the built-in safety lock-ins, while they can opt out of going further in the game at any time, while taking home what they have earn’t and kept safe.
Much like striving to get ahead financially, what I refer to as working towards jumping out of the rat race, you have a series of questions and decisions to make. Right or wrong, the answers you choose can reward you, enabling you to reach further, or not. In the beginning, it is vital to achieve and get yourself to a minimum level of safety, by doing your due diligence along the way and then lock in that learning by putting it into practice. You also have the option to opt-out at any time by means of not taking action or procrastinating. Those are actually the quickest ways we flow backwards rather than forwards.
I’ll be blunt, these opt-out options are usually related to fear, or barriers created from childhood issues and/or trauma. We are generally aware of them and how they hold us back, but because we ourselves are emotionally invested, it can be difficult to navigate our way through safely. But it is most definitely possible!
What we need is a system. Having a system is the most efficient and tangible way to push through. It is based on a strong why, and a system of many small rituals that you ingrain into your everyday, bit by bit until it becomes your new normal. Until you become the person that is ready to become a millionaire, or billionaire if you so desire.