The Freedom Accelerator


Shift from a 5-day work week to a 5-day weekend, where your passions and even your expenses can be the key to your financial freedom. Join a community of investors and entrepreneurs, create a ‘freedom business’ that empowers you to live life on your own terms, reminiscent of the philosophies in Tim Ferris’s ‘The 4-Hour Workweek’… But, with a modern AI twist.

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The Freedom Accelerator

Feel Trapped in the 9-5 Grind?

It’s a familiar story for many: being tethered to a desk, yearning for more freedom, but feeling controlled by employer-dictated schedules, limited vacation days, and capped earnings.

Discover Your Exit Strategy with the Freedom Accelerator!

Transform your existing income into a powerful, flexible ‘freedom business’. Imagine running your venture from a beach in Bali, or a café in Paris – on your terms, on your timeline.

Achieve Tangible Outcomes, Step by Step.

With the Freedom Accelerator, dreams become actionable goals. We’re not about vague promises. We’ll hold you accountable to your milestones, ensuring that every quarter moves you closer to that coveted life of liberty and the financial prosperity you deserve.

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What Is A Freedom Business?

Location Independence: A freedom business allows its owner to work from anywhere in the world, typically leveraging the internet and digital tools.

Time Flexibility: Such businesses are structured in a way that they don’t demand the owner’s constant attention. It’s the antithesis of trading time for money.

Automated and Passive Income Streams: A significant portion of the business’s revenue comes from passive or semi-passive sources.

Scalability: Freedom businesses employ systems that can grow without linearly increasing the workload.

Outsourcing and Delegation: Outsource tasks or hire virtual teams to manage specific business functions, allowing them to focus on higher-level strategy or enjoy their desired lifestyle.

Built around your passions: Monetise your passions and turn your expenses into a profit centre, meaning you are always doing work you love.

The Freedom Business Accelerator

Unlike most business accelerators which typically take aspiring entrepreneurs from working in a job to owning a job, we believe in skipping the hard work and jumping straight to living the life you want to live. The Freedom Accelerator is completely in flow with your personal wealth profile, to ensure everything you do doesn’t feel like hard work. It is tailored to our students’ individual goals, this is not one size fits all business programme. With a huge focus on support and implementation, we remove the overwhelm often associated with going into business so students know what they should be doing and when. Even better, accelerator members come out the other side getting paid to do what they love, so they never have to think about whether they can afford to buy the things they want again.

The Freedom Accelerator is a 12-month business accelerator for entrepreneurial minded investors that will take you from being stuck in the grind, to living life on your own terms. Connect and learn from other inspiring entrepreneurs on their journey to fast track their freedom and live a bigger life. With a major focus on measurable outcomes, students set the financial and lifestyle goals they want to achieve and our expert mentors support them in achieving them. Our community of highly engaged like-minded investors and entrepreneurs support each other as well as holding themselves accountable to ensure everyone hits their targets.





Our Time Tested 3D System:

Transition from the daily grind to living the laptop lifestyle using our proven 3D system.

➢ Dream of your ideal lifestyle, whether it’s living in exotic locations or having more time for personal passions.

➢ Design a business model tailored to support that dream lifestyle, specifically emphasising minimal active involvement (like a 4-hour work week).

Deliver on this design, implementing strategies and structures to actualise the envisioned business, ensuring consistent income while living life on their own terms.

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  • Full Payment of $9995

The Freedom Accelerator trains you to think like an entrepreneur, turning your investing into a business and monetising your passions.

The Freedom Accelerator

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