Be moneywise: Pay yourself first

Paying yourself first is so important to achieving your financial and other goals. It is important, no matter your socio-economic status.

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Ko Carol Manukau toku ingoa, ko Ngāpuhi raua ko Te Whanau-A-Apanui ngā iwi. Hi everyone, my name is Carol Manukau and I am from the Māori iwi of Ngāpuhi (Northland/Te Taitokerau) and Te Whānau-A-Apanui (Bay of Plenty/Tairawhiti).

Come along with me and gather the information you need to sort issues, make changes, and informed spending decisions to ensure your future financial success.

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Course Overview

This course covers the following topics:

  • Chapter 1: Your current situation

  • Chapter 2: Gaining a money mindset

  • Chapter 3: Pay yourself first

  • Chapter 4: Goals and Planning

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