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Therese Bisquera


Grad Cert HR Management

APIA Board Member

Therese and her husband Adrian are busy parents, full time employees, part time students all at once (talk about multi-tasking!) but continue to work with their power team in improving their property portfolio.

Therese believes that property investment is very much a people-centric business therefore she utilises her interpersonal skills that she’s developed from her job (a job she’s held for more than a decade helping people with their financial needs). She is a buy and hold investor with a focus on increasing value by renovation or development. She is currently finishing project management of an Auckland subdivision. With her innate desire for self-improvement, she joined her local Property Investment Association (PIA), in order to keep abreast of changes and continue to be with like-minded people.

In 2021, she was voted as one of the board members of APIA, the largest PIA in the country.

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