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Ryan Hewitt

Property Mentor

Expert in Property & Tenant Management

Buy & Hold Expert

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Having run his physiotherapy clinic for 15 years, Ryan was ultimately able to exit his business and focus on property full time.

Ryan classifies himself as a ‘classic wealth creator’ who purchases appreciating assets below value, adds further value to it, and then holds it long term. His portfolio is stacked with solid investments in desirable neighborhoods and well zoned schools. Ryan is a ‘weekend warrior’ sportsman and sees many parallels between his career in wealth and health citing that the “key to life is balance.”

Ryan absolutely thrives in helping people to achieve their goals and has helped countless families to create wealth and financial freedom through property investing.

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Your opportunity to get trained by world class professional property investors on how to leverage real estate to create financial freedom.
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Property Masterclass

Jono Frankle, Kyron Gosse, Therese Groness & Paul Southey

Friday 13th May 10:00AM NZT / 08:00AM AEST - Sunday 15th May 12:00AM NZT / 10:00PM

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