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Kyron Gosse

Cert 4 Business

Investor & Entrepreneur

Runs stupidly long distances in his spare time

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As an adventurer and traveler, Kyron believes that people shouldn’t feel trapped in a job they hate just to maintain a livelihood. Therefore, his mission is to help people create freedom living life on their own terms. 

With a background in entrepreneurship, Kyron believes that creating wealth is not about relying on the resources you have, but learning how to leverage other people’s resources to create a win-win outcome.

Kyron takes a “no excuses” attitude to his wealth creation, pushing both himself and his students to their limits with his mantra “Don’t tell me what you can’t do, tell me what you can do.”

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Your opportunity to get trained by world class professional property investors on how to leverage real estate to create financial freedom.
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Property Masterclass

Jono Frankle, Kyron Gosse, Therese Groness & Paul Southey

Friday 13th May 10:00AM NZT / 08:00AM AEST - Sunday 15th May 12:00AM NZT / 10:00PM

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