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Justin Putze

Justin and his wife Carolyne, have built a highly profitable, positive cash-flowing property investment portfolio in New Zealand.  Prior to becoming financially free, he served in the New Zealand Army for 29 years and more recently was the Manager of Emergency Response and Recovery with the New Zealand Ministry of Health.

Having achieved financial freedom and following the birth of his daughter, Justin relocated from New Zealand to NSW, Australia.  His financial freedom has enabled him and Carolyne to be full time parents to his daughter and has allowed them to be closer to Carolyne’s family. 

During his time with both the New Zealand Army and the Ministry of Health he was responsible for training and developing people to help build their professional knowledge and skills, and Justin has been able to repurpose these skills as a mentor.

Justin believes that the secret to success is the willingness to take action and do the work that others won’t do so that you can have what others can’t.

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