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Jono Frankle

Managing Director of Wealth Mentor

Winner of Our First Home reality TV show

Trade and renovation expert with substantial buy and hold experience

Successfully completed multiple joint venture trade and buy and hold deals

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Jono has built an impressive portfolio by Trading properties in joint venture situations and using the profits & leverage to create Cash Flow through a substantial Buy & Hold portfolio in 3 different cities. After successfully winning the TVNZ show ‘Our First Home’, Jono gained a passion for property but always knew he had to get educated first. Through the Wealth Mentor-Mentorship program Jono gained the skills and knowledge required to become a Professional Property Investor.

Being Managing Director and a Mentor comes with huge responsibility but an even bigger reward. Seeing the hundreds of clients come through and change their lives and their families lives gives more satisfaction then you could ever know. Jono is a proud product of Wealth Mentor, and now have the honour of calling our fabulous Wealth Mentor team, co-workers and friends

Having a strong “Why” of his family with wife, Karen, and daughters, Isla and Harley, being his. motivation. Jono’s hobbies include most sports but notably Fly-fishing, Cricket, Tennis and is a single figure Golfer. With a background in business as well as a very successful career as a Tennis Coach combined with a wealth of property experience, Jono has a great understanding for guiding people to achieve a great deal of success in being professional Property Investors

The network you surround yourself with will inspire and motivate you and that is what Wealth Mentor is, a network of inspirational people that Jono is very proud to be at the helm of.

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Property Masterclass

Jono Frankle, Kyron Gosse, Therese Groness & Paul Southey

Friday 13th May 10:00AM NZT / 08:00AM AEST - Sunday 15th May 12:00AM NZT / 10:00PM

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