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Carol Manukau

​​NZIM Dip Bus Prac Mgt (Health)

Founder & CEO POP Housing Project

Wealth Wizard at Wealth Mentor

Proudly Māori, of Ngāpuhi and Te Whānau-A-Apanui iwi descent, Carol managed a multi-million-dollar medical specialist/surgical practice, balancing the needs of several specialist surgeons and their companies for 17 years. She also has a vast array of career experience in many other sectors, both government, non-government and private. Her business savviness and drive for humanity have always led her towards helping people in need, ensuring there is justice in her world and setting others up for healing and success. 

Carol currently works within Te Kahu o Taonui (11 Northland iwi collaboration) in transition/emergency housing. Carols big heart acts as her compass, while she pursues her financial freedom goals, aiming for a win-win scenario for all. She believes financial freedom can be achieved while helping humanity. 

Carol enjoys the freedom of choices that property investment has been able to provide for her and the immediate whānau. She wants everyone, regardless of their background, to have these options. Carol provides a course of learning through her passion project, POP Housing project, which progresses whānau through tailor-made plans.

Carol’s clients are iwi, mainstream, homeless, financially savvy and everywhere in between.

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