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Belinda Beatty

Property Mentor

Cert 4 in Business

Leadership Coaching Air Force and Flying Instructor

Travelling the world, flying aircraft”s as an Airforce Flying Instructor, Belinda always questioned, “must be a better way to get ahead, rather than just relying on salary”.

She later discovered property and dove straight into the deep end, building a multi-million dollar portfolio with a six figure passive income in only a few short years all whilst maintaining her family life.

Belinda retains her militaristic approach to investing, scrutinizing each deal to ensure she receives capital gains and massive cashflow. A West Australian at heart, Belinda now resides in Raglan, NZ taking advantage of great investing opportunities and of course the totally rad surf lifestyle.

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Your opportunity to get trained by world class professional property investors on how to leverage real estate to create financial freedom.
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In-Person Event

Developers Workshop

Paul & Jeanette Southey plus other guests

Saturday & Sunday 10:00AM - 4:00PM

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