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Property Masterclass

Friday 13th May 10:00AM NZT / 08:00AM AEST - Sunday 15th May 12:00AM NZT / 10:00PM

Streamed Virtually

Presenters: Jono Frankle, Kyron Gosse, Therese Groness & Paul Southey

Price from: $1497.00

What To Expect

A live 3 day virtual workshop streamed direct to your computer.
Learn real strategies that work in today’s market to help you boost your cashflow and replace your earned income with passive income.

Over three full days our mentors will share with you over 50 key points to help you understand the key elements of property investing and how to leverage your power team to create a truly passive income.

What Is Included

Two tickets: To the three day masterclass
Private one on one consultation: To create your personalised plan.
Members Area: Within our elite training portal
​Private Group: To connect with your mentors and other students
​Support: Via email and phone after the masterclass

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During this masterclass, our experienced mentors will be sharing real strategies that work in today’s market to get your property investment journey soaring.

Whether you’re starting out, have a couple of investment properties or you’re a seasoned investor, this Property Masterclass is packed with value to help you get the maximum possible return, ensuring your property investment strategies are aligned with your goals.

You’ll learn how to identify the right properties for your portfolio, ensuring they are cashflow positive. How to finance your deal through mainstream lenders such as well as creative financing strategies. You’ll also gain an insight into how to invest in property by leveraging other people’s money, with strategies on how to invest with little to no money down, meaning a lack of cash is not an excuse for not reaching your financial goals.

Plus over three days your thinking will be transformed to think like a professional investor.

Join host Jono Frankle, and our special guests and mentors for this exclusive live-streamed masterclass to learn some of the strategies they have applied and some of their insights on how they built significant passive income through real estate.

Some of the topics that will be covered:

  • How to buy cashflow positive properties
  • Obtaining finance
  • How to think like a professional investor
  • No money down deals


  • Developments
  • Boarding Houses
  • Trading
  • Lease Options

Our Presenters


Hosted by


Jono, the managing director of Wealth Mentor, loves the responsibility that comes with changing people’s lives.
As a proud product of the Wealth Mentor education program he is now honoured to call the Wealth Mentor team his co-workers and friends. Jono’s motivation is all around providing the best future for his family.

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Connect with Jono

Kyron Gosse


Kyron Gosse

As an adventurer and traveler, Kyron believes that people shouldn’t feel trapped in a job they hate just to maintain a livelihood. Therefore, his mission is to help people create freedom and live life on their own terms.

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Therese Groness


Therese Groness

Therese’s curiosity for adventure and new experiences made her take the leap into property investment. Together with her partner Luke, they have embraced the property investment journey to transform old houses into beautiful, warm and healthy homes.

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Paul Southey


Paul Southey

Paul Southey born is an award winning builder and investor. His career has seen him build over 700 homes, together with his very talented wife Jeanette, they have become a power couple in business and property.

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Who should attend?

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First Time Investors

First Time Investors will gain the necessary knowledge and strategies on how they can invest in a manner that will allow them to create passive income and achieve financial freedom, whilst reducing the risk often associated with property investing. Attend the Cashflow Masterclass to learn how to invest in a professional manner with targeted acquisitions that are guaranteed to perform rather than simply hoping the market will increase in value.

Home Owners

Home Owners will learn how they can leverage equity within their own home in order to build a property portfolio that pays them to own it. Whether your goal is to reduce your mortgage or financial freedom, leveraging your own home is the smartest way to get into property investing and can save you time and stress. Attend the Cashflow Masterclass to learn how the equity in your home could be the key to your financial freedom.

Existing Property Investors

Existing Property Investors will learn the tools and strategies on how to better leverage other peoples time, money and resources to build a portfolio that not only pays for itself but is highly cashflow positive, grows in value and allows you to keep buying again and again.Attend the Cashflow Masterclass to fast track your investing and reach your financial goals much quicker, whilst building a portfolio that doesn't rely on you working to fund it.

Ticket Options




  • Two tickets: To the three day masterclass
  • Private one on one consultation: To create your personalised plan.
  • Members Area: Within our elite training portal
  • ​Private Group: To connect with your mentors and other students
  • ​Support: Via email and phone after the masterclass
  • One-Off Payment
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