Epigenetic Flow

One size does not fit all!
Stop making life so hard and get into flow with your mind and body.

Your behaviour and your environment can cause changes that affect the way your genes work, what works for one person can be harmful to the next. By understanding your own personal epigenetic profile you will receive a personalised pathway on what foods to eat, what environments to work in, when to workout and what exercise you should be doing.

Get into flow with your body, mind and genes with this 3 month support programme to provide additional support applying epigenetics into your day to day life.
Price: $695
  • Your personal epigenetic profile – using pH360
  • Your personal wealth dynamics profile
  • 3 modules of self-learning about your profile + developing your life activation plan
  • 3 x 1hr group coaching sessions with Neil Wagstaff, Kyron Gosse and Bella Reynolds doing a deep dive on 6 key life areas to bring epigenetics into action.
    • Food + Exercise
    • Place + Genius
    • Social + Mind
  • Plus how to habitise your action plan

Next Programme Starts:
31 July 2023

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Group Coaching Calls

Develop your understanding of your personal health type and start to learn more about those around you as we unpack the 6 different factors that build foundational health. 

You will identify how they relate to your work, your relationships and your wealth and how you can use them to boost your potential every day. Wouldn’t it be great if you finished your day feeling less stressed?

Module 1
Food & Exercise

Led by Neil Wagstaff, this group coaching call will cover the role that certain foods and exercises have on each of the epigenetic profiles, and how you can better align your diet and workouts towards your unique profile.

Module 2
Environment & Genius

Led by Kyron Gosse, this group coaching call will cover how you can get into personal flow through the way you design both your working and home environments, as well as understanding your personal genius to ensure you always doing work that keeps you in flow, is easy to achieve and fun to do.

Module 3
Social & Mind

On this group coaching call, Bella Reynolds will help you to understand how to design your day in a way that is in flow with your epigenetic profile from a social and mind aspect. What time of day should you be challenging yourself, what times works for the social life and when should you be taking some time out.

Your Coaches

Neil Wagstaff

  • 25 years in the health and fitness industry
  • Speaker, educator, health and run coach
  • Holistic Movement Coach (advanced level)
  • National Certificate in Fitness
  • Diploma of Higher Education in Sports Science and Fitness Evaluation

Neil Wagstaff, a speaker, educator, health and run coach, and a father of three young children, empathises with how challenging it is to maintain a consistent health and wellness routine amidst a busy life, and recognises the dedication required to realise one’s aspirations.

Bella Reynolds

  • 30 years in business; 10 years specifically in health, wellness & coaching
  • Entrepreneur, investor, life coach & yogi
  • Senior Habit Practitioner & Aaruka Healer
  • Bachelor in Human Movement (exercise physiology) & Bachelor of Business

Bella is dedicated to helping individuals and workplaces break free from negative habits that hold them back and pursue the life they truly desire. Bella is passionate about transforming people from habit robots to habit masters, creating a life filled with clarity, confidence, and fun.

Kyron Gosse

  • 12 years in business
  • Flow Consultant (GeniusU)
  • Cert 4 business
  • Endurance Athlete

As a successful entrepreneur, investor, and endurance athlete, Kyron intimately understands the challenges that overachievers face when setting ambitious life goals while maintaining a balanced lifestyle. Through using Wealth Dynamics and Epigenetics Kyron has been able to create a life which sees him in flow with his body and genius, accomplishing more in a year than many achieve in a life time.

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