As the CEO of a company that provides education in all facets of wealth, having the opportunity to bring in an expert partner to present and educate our clients in the space of crypto gave me such joy, and boy, the week did not disappoint.
As an experienced property investor and business owner with a healthy shares portfolio, I have always looked at crypto with an element of uncertainty, uncertainty in the fact that well, what if it crashes, is it even real, where does this value I hold even sit? But I always knew and always admitted, these questions arose because of a lack of knowledge more than anything else.
When I think of property, I have no fear whatsoever. I understand fundamentals, strategies, and using property to create significant wealth, and cash flow is second nature. It comes naturally because of the knowledge and experience I have in that space, which was achieved through education, mentoring and transacting.  Why would crypto space be any different?
I want to congratulate the team on a hugely entertaining and educational week hosted by Kyron, one of our mentors and partners. Kyron who has excellent knowledge and passion for financial education, bought his usual energy in educating our clients. We then have our guest mentor, Mark, who blew me away with his knowledge, passion and honesty over the week, not forgetting the dedication of presenting in the early hours of the morning while on a trip to the US.  Besides Mark’s laugh, things that stood out to me over the week were the vast number of strategies within crypto and even strategies within strategies!
Your portfolio needs to match your strategies, and having a diversified crypto portfolio is vital. You are diversifying depending on your end goal and your knowledge level of the crypto space. And boy, there can be some serious massive returns if you do things correctly.
When you look at how you can work your capital around your different investments, it gives you the ability to do two crucial things:
  1. Achieve the return you require for financial independence through investing in various opportunities and
  2. Ensuring security through diversification.
It is an absolute must-watch for anyone who wants to diversify their investments to learn more about the crypto space and achieve financial independence. The team has made the replay available for you to grow your knowledge as you become a complete investor.
To access the replay, click here and enjoy!

And as always,

Stay awesome!