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Renovating your rental property

Looking to renovate your first rental property, or even your second or third? Here are some expert tips.

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Celebrate your small wins

With so many things going on, Carol shares how we can celebrate our wins.

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Crypto Week Wrap Up

Jono discusses the opportunity to bring in an expert partner to present and educate clients in the space of crypto.

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Success stories

Our success depends on the success of our clients. Learn from, and be motivated by Wealth Mentor students and what they have achieved.

Ganeshan Rao

Ganeshan started investing in partnership with his son and daughter-in-law in early 2018 , in that time they were able to accumulate 5 buy and hold properties, which they are now developing to increase the rental return and grow their passive income. Thanks to his property portfolio Ganeshan was able to take voluntary redundancy when his employer faced challenges during covid and take an early retirement. Ganeshan says that for him personal wealth includes three aspects: Knowledge & skills, Health & wellness and Financial. By investing with his family, Ganeshan has been able to teach these values and skills to ensure his entire family is set up to continue building their wealth for generations to come.

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Xiao & Andrew

Xiao & Andrew live in Brisbane and has absolutely dominated the Invercargill market in their bid to be the Best Trader in Australia and New Zealand.Xiao and her husband Andrew have completed a total of 19 deals, including their first deal where they had to do a no money down deal just to be able to get started. With a number of money partners on board now Xiao and Andrew have a well established property business which has allowed Andrew to stop working.Their latest deal consisted of purchasing an old school. They promptly subdivided the school field off and sold it for the same price they purchased the entire property for and they are now developing the school buildings to transform them into apartments. Their creativity and perseverance shows anything is possible when you set your mind to it.

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Megan Weir

Megan (and her husband Ben) worked long hours under constant pressure and couldn’t stomach the idea of selling their time for money for the rest of their lives. The Wealth Mentor education lit a fire in their bellies that saw them purchase 11 properties, hitting their financial freedom goal within 18 months and allowing them to retire at the age of 34. Now Megan now lives a life that she doesn’t need a holiday from. A life where she has the free time to spend on her young family (one of which has special needs) and allows her to attend school events, as well as launching an exciting new business. Megan and her family are a testament to the fact that anything is possible when you have a mentor and apply the training.

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Torb Stolpe

Starting out in 2018 and investing from Adelaide Australia, Torb has been able to build a five million dollar portfolio in only three years which cashflows a massive $150,000 + in passive income. In 2019 alone Torb was able to purchase 9 properties, totalling almost one property per month. Torb has proven what is possible if you simply follow our training programme and implement what you are taught. We are so proud of Torb's achievements.

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